In August 2011, I created a new website at

This website is a guide on what is causing climate change, its effects and how you could help.

It is now my main website and I will be working a lot on it in the upcoming months. It is already in the top 1% of all websites as seen in Alexa:

There are over 100 million websites on the Internet so if my website is ranked in the top 1 million, it is in the top 1%. In fact, recent stats show that about 180 million websites were online in 2011.

Today, my site was ranked 809,297 globally, 355,215 in the United States  and 75,078 in Canada. I also currently have 3 sites linked in according to Alexa but I anticipate that this number will increase drastically in the upcoming months. The number of sites linking in is a measure of a website's reputation and thus it is important to increase it.

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