In August 2011, I created a new website at

This website is a guide on what is causing climate change, its effects and how you could help.

It is now my main website and I will be working a lot on it in the upcoming months. It is already in the top 1% of all websites as seen in Alexa:

There are over 100 million websites on the Internet so if my website is ranked in the top 1 million, it is in the top 1%. In fact, recent stats show that about 180 million websites were online in 2011.

Today, my site was ranked 809,297 globally, 355,215 in the United States  and 75,078 in Canada. I also currently have 3 sites linked in according to Alexa but I anticipate that this number will increase drastically in the upcoming months. The number of sites linking in is a measure of a website's reputation and thus it is important to increase it.

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Time is passing, at a constant rate, like the rivers flowing into the

We go on with our lives, paying attention to our surroundings,  what happened to us today, what's due for tomorrow, the media, and the newest  technology.

Then there's a moment after work, after the traffic, after the advertising, after the noise, after the city lights, in which we relax. A  memory soothes in, of the fresh air away from the city, of lakes, of beaches, and of forests.

The earth in which we live in, the only planet that we  know for sure that contains life, the air in which we breathe, the water in which we drink, the land in which we live on, is being polluted... by us. Even
the food we eat is injected and affiliated with chemicals.

It is time for change.   
   I find it remarkable how some people don't know about this great environmental disaster. The area in which the tar sands are getting extracted is about the size of England. However, the mass media barely mentions it (along with any important news regarding climate change) and that just shows you the sheer power of the oil corporations.

   We've all heard of the oil spill in the gulf. Unfortunately, many Montrealers (I'm from Montreal btw) don't seem to be aware that there was an oil spill in the st-lawrence river during the summer (220 tons). There was a major oil spill in Michigan near the Great Lakes (800,000 gallons) and another major oil spill in China that went under the radar (as pretty much every major humanitarian disaster in China).

   As a society, we need to wake up. We need to be aware of what's going on. We need to break free from ignorance and silence. We need to take action for once, we need to spread the word. Together we are more powerful than any corporation. We ought to realize that.

Here is my video on the Tar Sands in Alberta:

Please watch it and share it with your friends. Thank you for your time :)
Today, I just created my first official website! This website complements my youtube channel of the same name (Cousigreeno). Moreover, this is my very first blog post. I intend to make more YouTube videos in the future and I hope this website will allow my viewers to have a different and pleasant viewing experience.

Personally, I strongly appreciate comments (not mean-spirited ones though) and hope to see them very shortly in my comments page :)

Sincerely, Cousigreeno

Photo used under Creative Commons from WTL photos